Writing as Activism

Me Portland 2015

As a poet, I feel a deep sense of responsibility for those who interact with my words.

During a feature at Portland Poetry Slam, I had the distinct pleasure of performing a poem for the seventeen Black Trans Women killed in the United States this year.

I found it imperative to highlight these women and #SayHerName because the first version of Janelle Monae’s tribute to #BlackLivesMatter failed to recognize them.  Thankfully, my sentiments were not solitary.   Someone spoke up.  Vita E responded in kind to the erasure of trans black women.  Thank you Vita E!

In honor of these women here is Never Ending Story:


We keep our pieces
Like coin: shiny bubblegum
Pop cornerstore after thought.

Jaywalk at midnight follow
The light because salvation
Has always been simple.


When someone calls your name, they call out your ____________-ness, so it is important to call out

Papi Edwards
Lamia Beard
Ty Underwood
Yazmin Vash Payne
Taja Gabrielle DeJesus
Penny Proud
Kristina Grant Infiniti
London Chanel
Mercedes Williamson
Ashton O’Hara
Amber Monroe
India Clarke
K.C. Haggard
Shade Schuler
Kandis Capri
Elisha Walker
Tamara Dominguez
Jasmine Collins
… … … … Never Forget.

Chapters 1 – 2015:

Bull, et.
Boulette: nothing but dump –ling on saturated
sidewalk/cake/disposable bodies/black/BLAQ/blck.

You can purchase this and other poems, for $10 (paper copy) $5 (electronic),  in my latest Chapbook #Portland:

hashtag portland


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