“Crave More from Yourself” -Anna Bashkova

sept mantra

What a week it has been.

Typically, I scroll my Facebook feed rather quickly and don’t really pay attention to anything other than event updates and any direct messages.  However, earlier this week I came across an article about falling in love with oneself.  While, I’m not a fan of the webpage advertisements and tons of lightweight soft porn along the sides, I found the content liberating.  The one thing I took away from the many valid points about getting over an ex and practicing self love, was “crave more from yourself.”

Quite simply put, without the desire and hunger for me to be the best version of myself, I become stagnant.  This one little tip lit a fire under me and led to a meeting with my life coach.  After updating her on my life and events, she proceeded to tell me to become obsessed with my life.  I laughed and then I thought about what it would mean if I put my energy into the projects that fuel my heart, like teaching and hosting and supporting artists of color.  What if all I needed to do was shift my perspective and become obsessed with all the things I love to do?

So here we are, becoming obsessed with my life.

I have compiled a list of November events that tickle my fancy and may tickle yours too!  I am either hosting or performing or simply in love with the art!

11/13/15: Finneyfrock/Ascalon

11/20: The Trill Effect

11/20: Hearthrob House Show

11/22: The Sunday Night Shuga Shaq   21+

11/25: Rain City Slam presents Liner Notes

11/27: Afrodisiac Erotic Poetry Show Presents Tongue-Tied

#CraveMoreFromYourself  #ObsessedWithMyLife


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