Winter Solstice: 12.21.2015


I love the winter. It is by far, my favorite time of year.  Mostly because my birthday is just a few short days away, but also because it offers time to reflect upon the year that has almost passed.  Additionally, amongst the holiday hustle and bustle, if you tap into the quiet of the planet, you can find a deep peace.

You can find the space to breathe and remember there is something, much larger than self, at work. If you are into astrological projections and setting intentions, this Winter Solstice post by Chani Nicholas is inspiring and may help guide you this winter.  Another great post for the occasion is Mystic Mama’s Solstice Gateway.

I plan to do a tiny bit of ritual around the coming year.  If you want to join me, steps for a ritual at home are below.  If not, dream up something to call the light into your life and set intentions for your next year.

Solstice Ritual:

  1. Before starting, take 5-10 minutes to consider the questions below and write down your response:
    1. What has 2015 taught me about who I am and how I show up in the world?  (Consider thinking back to the Venus Retrograde, as it was an incredibly pivotal moment.)
    2. What do I want to accomplish in 2016?  What practices or habits can I implement in order to become the best version of my self possible.
  2. Situate yourself in a quiet space. Get comfy, with your favorite blanket/pillow.
  3. Light a white candle, any shape or size. (I tend to use tea lights, as they are easily portable and I can use one per ritual, as not to carry energy from one ceremony to the next.)
  4. Take a few settling breaths. Relax your body. Breathe deeply.
  5. Either read your practices/habits aloud in the positive, (ie. I intend to…, I will…., etc.), or simply speak them in your mind.
  6. Stick your practices/habits on a bathroom mirror, closet door, refrigerator, etc.  Repeat them to yourself as affirmations each day.  Allow your affirmations to guide you as the new year dawns.

Happy Solstice!!


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