The Poet

What People Say About Imani:

“Imani Sims has consistently challenged the status quo with her voice and her message. But beyond this, she is an inspiring producer and an excellent collaborator, whose grace and sense of self make her a true dynamo.” –Natasha Marin, Founder,


“From performing to hosting to producing to teaching, Imani Sims is a force of nature with the ability to create platforms that bring people together with a particular focus in the LGBT community here in Seattle and beyond.  Her creative vision provides opportunities for artists of color to explore their work, themselves and social and political issues within a supportive, nurturing, and much needed space. Her partnerships with numerous organizations in Seattle has led to innovative programming that can’t be found anywhere else. Imani Sims is a cultural ambassador, leader and powerhouse in our community!” –Priya Frank, Associate Director for Community Programs, Seattle Art Museum


As a 1st grader, who had just learned the art of “Beginning Middle End,” Imani wrote a story about a tiny elephant, named Tinka, who felt different because she was smaller than all the other elephants. At the time, Imani had no idea that this short story would go on to be the debut work of a poet.

Much later in life, as a high school student, she didn’t know that a pesky moment of curiosity would lead to her first performance poem. As a nosey little sister, she would regularly bother her older brother as he was doing his homework. On a fateful fall day he taught her to write poetry, and she instantly knew poetry was a great way to alleviate teenage angst around being younger and smaller than everyone else.
Since then, she has developed an infinitely rippling love for poetry in all of its forms. She believes in the healing power of words and the transformational nuance of the human story.

Imani lives in Seattle, WA where she continues to share her story and collect the stories of other QWOC. Her book Twisted Oak is available on Requiem Press and her second collection Beloved:Collision is available via Amazon.  Her third book (A)live Heart is available on Sibling Rivalry Press.

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