I asked FB…

As I’m considering hopping off the 9-5 bandwagon and leaning towards making my art/facilitation/producing/teaching/curating prowess the center of my world, fear came for my life!  So, in my attempt to calm my nerves I asked some of the folks out there who do this on a regular basis. The response

Tall Glass

I know. I know. Not another word about Bey and Summer Drinks, but honestly, I can’t keep quiet about it.   Back Story:   Every month I host a show called Liner Notes in Seattle, WA presented by Rain City Slam. Rain City describes the event, as such:   “Liner


“Ritual, Andromeda trapped in her nappy edges, galaxies between immovable thighs.” -I. Sims I’ve been elated and challenged and witness to a group of performers interacting with the idea of Afrofuturism. Recently I had the distinct pleasure of producing a show at Gay City Health Project in Seattle.  The show

Welcome to 2016!

How Lovely it is to be out of the Mercury Retrograde and into the wave of 2016! I’m moving full speed ahead with a few projects that I am extremely excited about: 2155: An Exploration of Afrofuturism in Performance Art at Gay City, Feb. 11 – 14th and Feb 18

Winter Solstice: 12.21.2015

I love the winter. It is by far, my favorite time of year.  Mostly because my birthday is just a few short days away, but also because it offers time to reflect upon the year that has almost passed.  Additionally, amongst the holiday hustle and bustle, if you tap into

Anastacia Tolbert: 9 Ounces

The weekend this show opened at The Project Room in Seattle, WA, people from all walks of life sat down in a tiny gallery to witness one woman become three distinct characters. As described by the premiering gallery: “9 Ounces: A One Woman Show is an unkempt, de-ribbon-ed, narrative braid


I am convinced that there is something to be said for black women and our ability to make magic. This week, three of the most magical black girls I know are getting together to host an art event in Seattle called The Trill Effect. According to the event organizers, “The

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